About Us

Legend Natural Beauty Products Limited was established in Kenya on 29th February 2012 as a private initiative, With the aim of promoting Ghana natural products,Transport and logistics, and Real Estate in Kenya and globally.

To be the provider of a strong trade relationship solutions
Globally by dotting the world with Legend Natural Beauty Products Limited, through which our customers would find easy access to our products and services.

We would ensure that we build long term relationships
With our customer by providing above board customer service that is affordable, of high quality .
and meets high safety standards.



We assure quality in processing, packaging and handling of our products for better use.


We are trustworthy, reliable and diligent through delivery of our commitments and promises.


We're time conscious and deliver on time by ensuring that we always have sufficient stocks to meet our customers demands for products and services.


We promote equal employment opportunities for all.



To showcase products made in Ghana by achieving a global market outreach/distributorship. This will be done through exhibitions enabled by our membership in the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KNCCI) and our partnering with Agricultural Society of Kenya(ASK).


These will make a perfect platform to display our Innovative Product lines such as natural Cocoa beans, Cashew nuts, Legend Natural Shea Butter Lotion, Africa Queen Black Beauty Soap.


We undertake investments in Real Estate development and Transport. Legend Natural Beauty Products Limited is keen in opening up new opportunities for indigenous industries with the main aim to shifting attention of traders both in retail and wholesale operating in Ghana and Kenya to have global focus.


Legend Natural Beauty Products Limited will also undertake awareness programs, Cultural exchange and tourism activities to be made possible through exchange and informative programs,workshops and students exchange programs.


Will provide commercially useful information and assistance to those who wish to trade in Ghana. This will be important in developing and increasing their exports and imports potentialities.


To promote interaction that cultivates entrepreneurial spirit amongst the communities in Ghana ,Kenya and globally. This will be achieved by organizing business forums such as conferences and workshops through which training and learning lessons will be imparted to our global distributors for better quality customer service.